Admission Enquiry Form

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows:

ClassMinimum AgeMaximum Age
Nursery3 yearsTo3.11 years
Lower KG4 yearsTo4.11 years
UKG5 yearsTo5.11 years
std. I6 yearsTo6.11 years
std. II7 yearsTo7.11 years
std. III8 yearsTo8.11 years
std. IV9 yearsTo9.11 years
std. V10 yearsTo10.11 years
std. VI11 yearsTo11.11 years
std. VII12 yearsTo12.11 years
std. VIII13 yearsTo13.11 years
std. IX14 yearsTo14.11 years
std. X15 yearsTo15.11 years
Class 11 16 yearsTo18 years

Please Note:

1.The age limits shown above are as on the 31st December of the Academic Year.