We believe in education as a way for children to change their own stories, the stories of their communities, and ultimately the story of their nation.


Teaching – Learning Strategies

  • Activity Based: Child Friendly activities.
  • Creative Art and Craft activities.
  • Puppets-Use of puppetry to conduct classes.
  • Friendly teachers and staff.
  • Carnival, Grand-Parents day, Parties.
  • Stage activities: Dancing, enacting skits.
  • Singing, dancing and yoga.
  • Healthy food menu.


  • To develop clarity in speech, thought and expression.
  • To develop ability to reason.
  • Development of hand-motor skills.
  • To be independent


  • Value Based Education
  • Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing lessons.
  • Begins with morning assembly where prayers, exercises and celebration of special days are conducted.
  • Moving on to the daily snacks time where cleanliness, hygiene and manners are focused.
  • The story time has a moral to each story told.