Primary Curriculum

The Primary school strives to enhance the inherent potential of the children, imparting qualitative academic curriculum that encompasses overall development.Reinforces the child’s pursuits so that he excels in all endeavors.

Infusing and influencing positivity by encouraging love for learning through experimentation and practical application of knowledge as well as analytical reasoning.Equips decisiveness, confidence, spirit of self assessment, clarity of problem solving and behavioral modifications.

Nurtures creativity , social responsibility , assertiveness and logical awareness.


Focusing on language enhancement skills via (orals), reading, Library day ( once a week for each grade)

Recommending reading of classics, Scholastic Book fair, Dramatization of plays( on Month End Programmes)

Workshops on language proficiency.

Grammar taught extensively as a complete separate subject.

Stressing on fundamental ‘nuances’, classroom Quiz, worksheets etc, – taught effectively and efficiently.


Personalized learning through computer Education ( HTML, Programming, Excel, Q. Basic, Programming, MS Office, Power Point, Internet, ICT, C++ , Java)

Art Education

Academics associated with co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities.Unleashes young minds to express, the etheral essence of nature–landscape painting , vegetable /fruit carving. Inter-School Drawing Competitions.

Social, environmental education

History, Geography and science.

Mathematics/ ABACUS

Physical Education